Solid-liquid extraction is a special technology area, notably within the beverage, and sugar/ sweetener industries.

GEA Process Engineering Belgium can offer you two extraction systems of GEA Niro; Continuous extracion & batch extraction.

Continuous extraction
In the continuous extraction process, solids are transported helicoidally screws placed in an inclined trough equipped with heating panels. The hot extraction liquid flows through the solids, thus extracting the desired product.

Batch extraction
The GEA Niro Batch extractor (primarily used for coffee) uses a system of percolator columns. the solids are loaded into the percolator's vertical tubes * hot extraction liquids flows to the bottom. The extraction is done under pressure.

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Brochure GEA Niro Continious Extraction

Brochure GEA Niro Extractor - Type FIC™