The Pneumatic (flash) drying technology from GEA Niro
Flash drying systems are mainly for drying moist powders, granules, crystals, and wet products discharged from centrifuges, rotary filters and filter presses.

These materials are dispersed in a high velocity flow of hot air or gas. Drying times are short.

The Niro Swirl Fluidizer™ is mainly characterised by conical lower portion of the drying chamber, an even more compact design as well as a number of easily implemented optional features for special applications.

Flash dryers can be combined with fluid bed dryers or operated as ring dryers.

The Pneumatic Ring Drying technology from GEA Barr-Rosin
The Ring Dryer employs the same basic principle as the flash dryer in that the material to be dried is dispersed and conveyed through the dryer in a hot air stream.

However the Ring Dryer incorporates a centrifugal classifier which allows selective internal recirculation of semi-dried solids, effectively lengthening the retention time of larger particles in the dryer.

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