GEA Process Engineering Belgium can offer you a wide range of 25 kg multiwall bag fillers of GEA Avapac. The GEA Avapac IBF (Inline Bag Filler) range is designed to pack a wide variety of products at a low to medium filling rates.
The IBF range features a bottom-up filling system which maintains a constant distance between the outlet of the filler tube and the top of the powder in the bag. By doing this the displacement of air is kept to a minimum and the resulting dust emmisions are dramatically reduced over more conventional systems.

GEA Avapac Bag Filler Types

25 kg Powder bags per min.

Powder per hour

IBF 300

1 - 2

3,300 kg

IBF 450

2 - 3

4,500 kg

IBF 600

 3 - 4

6,000 kg

IBF 800

5 - 5.5

8,000 kg

RBF 1000

6 - 7

10,000 kg

RBF 1200 Li

7 - 8

12,000 kg


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